Orange Label Handgun Ammunition

ABE Inc. ammunition utilizes only the highest quality components. We source materials from leading industry manufacturers such as:

      • Hawk Precision Bullets

      • Cutting Edge Bullets

      • Hammer Bullets

      • Matt’s Bullets Inc.

      • Hornnady Manufacturing Inc.

      • Lehigh Defense LLC.

      • Impala Bullets Co. COMING SOON

        • Warning: Use all Aria Ballistic Engineering Inc. ammunition in modern firearms with very strong actions and in good working order. Only discharge cartridges that are designed to be used in your particular firearm.


      CE-CS = Cutting Edge Copper Solid | CE-BS = Cutting Edge Brass Solid | EX-WFN = Extra Wide Front Nose

      HPC = High Performance Coating | JFP = Jacketed Flat Point | LDSC = Lehigh Defense Solid Copper

      LFN = Long Flat Nose | RR = Ranger Rick Style Wad Cutter | SWC = Keith Style Wad-Cutter

      WFN = Wide Front Nose