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At A.B.E., we take pride in our craft of manufacturing custom ammunition using only the finest, top-quality components. We go above and beyond to provide our customers with unparalleled shooting performance. Get ready to embark on a journey with four remarkable lines of handcrafted ammunition:

Orange Label: Unleash the Power of Handgun Ammo
Black Label: Elevate Your Rifle's Performance
Threat Stop Series: Defend with Confidence using Defensive Ammo
Orion Series: Perfect Your Shotgun Skills

But we don't stop there. A.B.E. is more than just ammunition. We strive to exceed your expectations by offering superior gunsmith services and creating rare, custom-built firearms. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we're dedicated to delivering the "Aria Experience."

When you choose A.B.E., you're not just a customer – you become part of our shooting community. Our mission is to provide you with the best ammunition available, unparalleled gunsmith services, and a personalized experience like no other. Expect exceptional customer support every step of the way.

Discover the A.B.E. difference today and revolutionize your shooting experience.

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  • .460 Rowland

    $36.50$53.50 (Excluding Tax)
    .460 Rowland - These cartridges will use ultra-premium bullets from companies such as Hawk, Hornady, Matt's bullets, Cutting Edge and Hammer Bullets just to name a few...
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  • .475 Wildey Magnum

    $50.00$78.00 (Excluding Tax)
    .475 Wildey Magnum - (All advertised velocities from 10-inch barrel @ sea level)
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  • .22 Long Rifle (ELR)

    $25.50$28.50 (Excluding Tax)
    .22 Long Rifle (ELR) - This is ultra-premium long-range ammunition loaded to precise standards. Offered in both High Velocity and Sub-Sonic loads. All our 22LR (ELR) ammo utilize Cutting Edge Bullet's Lathe turned copper projectiles and Aria's in house powder blends for the highest velocities and accuracy possible! (SOLD IN 25 Round BOX) Please note these cartridges are produced by hand to the tightest tolerance possible, this process is very time consuming, we strive to get orders out as quickly as possible! (NONE OF THESE LOADS WILL CHAMBER IN THE BAGARA (B) RIFLES) Current Lot # 128
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  • .480 RUGER

    $59.50$76.00 (Excluding Tax)
    .480 Ruger - (New offerings available) Very limited production due to extremely low brass inventory!
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  • .44 Remington Magnum

    $30.50$66.50 (Excluding Tax)
    .44 Remington Magnum - Aria utilizes the highest quality components from brands such as Norma, Starline, Cutting Edge, Hawk, Hornady and Hammer Bullets just to name a few... Please checkout our newest .44 Magnum offerings including our new Cutting Edge "Maximus" load specially formaulated for S&W hunting Revolvers...
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  • 12 Bore / 12 Gauge – (Paradox) Heavy Game Loads:

    $15.50$21.50 (Excluding Tax)
    12 Bore / 12 Gauge Load Options: These loads are designed to operate within industry pressure levels! OUR ALL-NEW ARIA DANGEROUS GAME FOSTER IS NOW AVAILABLE! (Standard Velocity available in "Big Game Loads" section of the webstore (Call for brass case prices!)
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  • 10 Bore / 10 Gauge – Heavy & Dangerous Game Loads

    $18.00$21.50 (Excluding Tax)
    10 Bore / 10 Gauge Load Options: These loads are loaded to (+P+) levels and are safe in modern firearms only!!! These loads are intended for heavy or dangerous game. IT'S FINALLY AVAILABLE AFTER TWO AND HALF YEARS OF RESEARCH!!!! (Aria's Foster Slug for the Ten Bore) .... "This sure isn't Grandpa's traditional soft lead Foster slug"...
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  • .500 JRH

    $64.00$85.00 (Excluding Tax)
    NOTE - WE ARE CURRENTLY TRIMMING .500 MAGNUM BRASS DUE TO THE CURRENT MARKETS LACK OF (JRH/SPECIAL) CASE AVAILABILTY!!! (This has contributed to a slight increase in ammo pricing). We are trimming to the full 1.4 inch .500 JRH case length. Please note that there may be some brass head-stamped "500 S&W Magnum."
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  • .500 S&W MAGNUM

    $49.50$79.00 (Excluding Tax)
    Our .500 S&W Magnum packs a serious punch with velocities from an 8-inch barrel at sea level. (+P) and (+P+) loads are for experienced hunters and shooters only, as they generate intense power and recoil. Improper handling can lead to serious injury.
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  • .460 S&W Magnum

    $45.00$85.00 (Excluding Tax)
    .460 S&W Magnum - (Listed velocities from 8-inch test barrel) Many new offerings with high-end performance bullets from brands such as Hammer bullets, Cutting Edge, Hawk and Hornady and many more. Please read all ballistic information carefully next to each offering. There are several loads that utilize shorter cases to allow for the longer higher BC bullets!!!!  
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  • Various .500 Wyoming Express rounds

    .500 Wyoming Express

    $71.00$80.00 (Excluding Tax)
    NOTE - We are currently working on a "(+P+)" custom case for this cartridge. We are hoping to have this available to our customers by this Fall's hunting season. This case will allow an increase in velocities ranging from 100 to 150 FPS across the board. If you have any questions, please contact your rep at ABE Inc.
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  • .460 Weatherby Magnum

    $99.50$139.00 (Excluding Tax)
    .460 Weatherby magnum: This is a wonderful cartridge for big and dangerous Game. This round tends to shoot very flat and is very versatile. Please keep in mind that this cartridge got a bad reputation for having extreme recoil. Using today's powders and bullets it is possible to tame this cartridge to the point that any big Game hunter can shoot this cartridge with great consistency.  (Many new bullet offerings including high-end brands such as Cutting Edge, Hammer Bullets and Hawk!!! (Velocities from 23.5-inch test barrel @ Sea level)
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