Custom Firearm Services


(Will be built on your 40 S&W Rhino)

We start with a .40 S&W Chiappa Rhino revolver with 5″ or 6″ barrels. Aria performs a complete “action job” and “true-up” of all the mechanical components. We then re-chamber the cylinder to 10 MM Auto. Lastly, a strengthening treatment to the cylinder increases Rockwell hardness. This combination makes a fantastic, flat shooting hunting revolver with very little recoil. You will still be able to shoot the original .40 S&W chambering.

  • Perform standard 10MM RHINO HUNTER package to customer supplied revolver – $495.00
  • Perform Ultimate Hunter package Re-chambered to 10MM Magnum – $535.00

*Prices do not include Shipping + Insurance


(Can be built on your REDHAWK 10MM)

This is a great combination for hunting big game animals or long-range pistol shooting. Aria takes your Ruger Redhawk 10 MM and re-chambers it to 10 MM Magnum. Please note that you can still shoot the original 10 MM auto as well as .40 S&W. The 10 MM Magnum duplicates .41 Remington Magnum ballistics. This adds range to the already wonderful 10 MM cartridge increasing the potential. The 10 MM Magnum is not well known but is a great cartridge. Aria loads affordable target ammo in 10 MM Magnum as well as high velocity hunting loads. (Call for more info on conversion as well as ammo availability.)

  • Work performed on customer supplied Ruger Redhawk 10 MM – $485.00

*Prices do not include Shipping + Insurance


Aria Caliber Suggestions

.338 Federal

This isn’t really a big bore caliber, but we love this round for hunting. Devastating for Elk, Wild Boar and Mule deer sized game.


Fantastic round with plenty of range and knock down power. Take a look at Aria’s .450 BM offerings.


Great Cartridge basically about 15% more power than .450 BM. Duplicates the .460 S&W Magnum.

.458 SOCOM

Great cartridge when using subsonic loads but truly a great big game hunting round when operated at higher pressure levels.

.499 LWR

Great round ballistically about 10% more powerful than the .50 BEOWULF.


Duplicates the .500 S&W Magnum Performance utilizing the AR platform.

.50 BEOWULF (AKA 12.7 x 42MM)

This is a wonderfully big bore hunting round matched with a quality bullet. It’s truly impressive.

We utilize the finest components and go over each part individually, checking for the tightest tolerances. Once those tolerances are achieved, we smooth each part for absolute perfect fit and finish. These practices are what makes the rifle all it can be in the strength and accuracy departments. The list of options is truly endless and really depends on the purpose of the rifle, whether hunting dangerous game, target shooting or home defense.

Call for more information and pricing


Concealed Carry version of the Chiappa Rhino. Chambered to fire .40 S&W, 10MM Auto, and 10MM Magnum.
* Does not include red-dot

Available in 20DS and 40DS


  • Stainless
  • Black

Price – $485.00

*Prices do not include Shipping + Insurance