A.B.E Inc. Firearms

ARIA’s ELR (Extreme Long Range) Rifle

ABE Inc. has been building some of the best long range and hunting rifles for over 20 years. Over the past decade shooters have been pushing their firearms and their abilities to the limits. This thirst for longer and longer ranges has given birth to “ELR” Shooting. These are purpose-built rifles that can easily shoot over 1,500 yards. In fact, we at ABE Inc. have been building “ELR” Rifles that can easily shoot over 1 mile with consistency and accuracy. These rifles come in many shapes and sizes; the sky is truly the limit. We are here to help you achieve your “ELR” Shooting dreams.

Once we help you select your rifle’s design, setup and cartridge. We can then price your build.

Please contact your Aria representative for your next dream build.

  • Average ELR Builds Start at $4,100. (This is for reference ONLY prices may vary due to customer selected options)


12-20 Bore/Gauge – 3 inch magnum

  • Browning Receiver Based Rifle – Starting at $2,300
  • Savage Receiver Based Rifle – Starting at $1,875

10 Bore/Gauge – 3 inch magnum

  • The 10 bore bolt action is completely custom built from the ground up – Starting at $3,800

This Aria masterpiece is truly a “fully rifled” big bore powerhouse. These rifles are not slug guns or paradox guns, in the traditional way. They are truly bore rifles thru-and-thru. It is the king of versatility and allows the shooter the ability to use coinciding gauge appropriate slugs or shot shells. The client has the choice of using a Savage or Browning receivers. This is where the factory slug gun similarities end.

Please call your ABE Inc. representative and let us start designing your bolt action “bore” rifle.

Featuring highly modified receivers, custom bolts, triggers, full action job, and ABE Inc. custom match grade medium bull barrels. The customer can also choose from an assortment of express sights and just about any optic one could want!

  • 10 Bore/Gauge = .760 caliber
  • 12 Bore/Gauge = .725 caliber
  • 20 Bore/Gauge = .620 caliber


Aria builds these rifles from the ground up using either a Savage Heavy Extractor or Remington Ultra-Mag actions. These rifles are all weather tough and built to perform in extreme conditions. We wanted a rifle that is truly custom, with fast handling and a relatively short overall length. The North American PH model also delivers a true value that the average person will appreciate. Please feel free to give us a call and let us know how you would like to configure your North American PH rifle. There are many options available within the package price.

Savage Action North American PH Rifles

— starting at $2,150

*Remington Ultra-Mag Action North American PH Rifles

 – starting at  $2,350

*(Aria North American PH Rifle is available in a Mauser style action upon request)

*Prices do not include Shipping + Insurance

Aria’s Custom 1911 / 460 Rowland Package
(Standard Size only at This time)

Get ready to take your shooting experience to the next level with our exclusive 1911 – .460 Rowland package! This package is the ultimate combination of power, performance and style.

We’re not just offering a brand new 1911 – this package includes a fully tuned Aria action and slide, and a .460 Rowland conversion package that will blow you away. And the best part? You can choose from three custom performance levels, tailored to meet your individual needs.

We’ve included all the extras you need to get started, such as a hard case, extra springs, take down tools, the factory .45 ACP barrel, and an extra pair of factory grips.

Whether you’re using this firearm for self-defense or hunting, our exclusive 1911 – .460 Rowland package is sure to exceed your expectations. You’ll be amazed at its incredible shooting ability and precision. So why wait? Get your hands on this amazing firearm today and experience the ultimate in shooting performance!

The Rowland 460 comes in 3 different performance levels.

Level 1

Includes custom 1911 with .460 Rowland kit and hand fitting. Comes with white-dot Novak sights and two mags. Also includes all items listed above.


Level 2

Includes everything in level one with the addition of custom Aria trigger and Hi-Viz (Fiber Optic) style sights. Also includes custom grip panels. (Your choice of wood or Synthetic)


Level 3

includes everything in level two with the addition of Red Dot sight package and Aria’s competition style trigger.


These prices listed above do not include taxes (if applicable), shipping and insurance.

  • Custom Cera-Kote finishes can be provided for additional cost(s), please let your ABE Inc. team member know what you are envisioning!

Aero Precision firearms dealer, we work with them. 




This is a perfect example of a .475 Wildey Magnum. These are newly manufactured specimens with all of the benefits of today’s alloys and machining practices.
This particular firearm is a 12 inch barreled .475 WM version. These firearms can be ordered directly through ABE Inc. We go through these fine factory built firearms with all the precision you have come to expect from us!
This firearm has a custom built rail and red-dot. This is standard fare for one of our Aria Performance Center Wildey’s. This is a very serious hunting tool for any hand gunner wanting the ultimate in semi-auto performance.
The .475 Wildey Magnum produces more energy at 150 yards than a standard .44 magnum from the muzzle. Especially when paired with Aria “Safari Series” hunting ammunition.

These guns are available in several chamberings, call or email  for details!

Packages starting at -$2,950


“The Ultimate Brush Gun”

These precision handi-rifles are built utilizing a fully custom Savage action. Aria fits these rifles with match grade barrels. (Can be fitted with or without muzzle breaks.) You can choose barrel lengths from 16.5″ to 23.5″. All stocks are bedded and fitted to the reciever assembly. This unique creation is the ultimate backpack rifle or brush gun. This is our in-house favorite hunting rifle, especially when chambered in a big bore cartridge.

*Standard Ranch Rifle Package – Starting at – $1,875

*Price does not include Shipping + Insurance


Cartridge Suggestions

6.5 PRC
6.5 Creedmore
.338 Federal
.375 SOCOM
450 Bush Master
.450 Marlin
.458 Maximum
.458 American
.458 SOCOM
.458 Ham’r
.500 AutoMax
12.7 x 42MM
This rifle comes in many more cartridge sizes than what is listed above.



Concealed Carry version of the Chiappa Rhino. Chambered to fire .40 S&W and 10MM Auto.

Available in 20DS & 40DS

Colors – Stainless or Black


      • Factory new Chiappa Rhino

      • All original manufacturer components

      • Aria exclusive larger polymer grip

      • Fully tuned action

    Price – $1,725

    (Due to increased firearm procurement costs, prices have temporarily increased.)

    *Price does not include Shipping + Insurance


    We begin with a factory new 40 S&W Rhino (5″ or 6″ barrel.) Aria performs a complete “action job” and “true-up” of all the mechanical components. We then re-chamber the cylinder to 10 MM Auto or 10 MM Magnum.

    We also perform a strengthening treatment to the cylinder to increase Rockwell hardness. This combination makes a fantastic, flat shooting hunting revolver with very little recoil. You will still be able to shoot the original 40 S&W ammunition.



        • All original manufactured pieces

        • Aria supplied hard case

        • ADE Micro Red Dot (Sighted in)

      Available in 50DS & 60DS lengthsColors – Stainless or Black

      10MM AUTO RHINO HUNTER – $1,825

      10MM MAGNUM RHINO HUNTER – $1,900

      (Due to increased firearm procurement costs, prices have temporarily increased.)

      *Prices do not include Shipping + Insurance

          • Aria Exclusive larger polymer grip

          • 50 Rounds of Aria Safari Series ammunition 



        (Comes with custom hard case and 50 rounds of Safari Series Ammunition)

        Price – $1,479

        *Price does not include Shipping + Insurance

        Aria purchases a new Ruger Redhawk 10 MM from manufacturer then completes our performance package and re-chambers it to 10 MM Magnum. This is a great combination for hunting big game animals or long-range pistol shooting. Please note that you can still shoot the original 10 MM auto as well as .40 S&W. The 10 MM Magnum duplicates .41 Remington Magnum ballistics. This adds range to the already wonderful 10 MM Auto cartridge increasing the potential of the 10 MM. The 10 MM Magnum is not well known but is a great cartridge. Aria loads affordable target ammo in 10 MM Magnum as well as high velocity hunting rounds.

        Aria Supplied (New) Ruger Redhawk 10MM Magnum

        RUGER GP100 “TALO”

        This has all the features of the GP100 “Match Champion” It has a SP101 grip with a 2.5 inch barrel. Features Aria Custom hardwood grip pads, re-chambering to 10MM Magum, and trigger/action job.


            • All original manufactured pieces

            • Aria supplied hard case

            • 50 Rounds of Aria Safari Series ammunition

          Price – $1,479

          *Price does not include Shipping + Insurance




          This is our own twist on a fantastic firearm. We completely reworked this Lipsey’s Exclusive revolver. We start by re-chambering to 10MM Magnum. Then we complete a comprehensive performance tuning of the action featuring Aria springs and trigger job.

          Price – $1,479

          *Price does not include Shipping + Insurance


          This rifle was designed and built to deliver the power of a .50 BMG and increased accuracy, at an affordable price. This package comes with several options and guises. The “.510 Aria Jeffery” is simply a .500 Jeffery Safari cartridge with neck and chamber modifications allowing for accurate use of .50 BMG bullets. This cartridge has surpassed our expectations and is extremely versatile. It can be loaded down to subsonic levels or it can be powered up to push 800 grain bullets at over 2,400 FPS. This firearm was built to be the true big game hunters instrument of choice. Aria kept weight to an absolute minimum making it comparable to any scoped magnum elk rifle. Please contact us with any questions you might have, there are simply too many features and options to list. Also note that this rifle can be built in any big game cartridge a customer might want. The “.510 Aria Jeffery” is our flagship round showcasing exceptional accuracy at one-mile plus.

          Packages starting at -$3,150

          NOTICE: All firearms must be paid in full at time of order or purchase. All shipping and insurance charges will be calculated and added to the order prior to outbound shipping date. If additional insurance or specific shipper is required, please let your ABE Inc. sales representative know! Please see terms and conditions below for further details.