.44 Remington Magnum

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.44 Remington Magnum – Aria utilizes the highest quality components from brands such as Norma, Starline, Cutting Edge, Hawk, Hornady and Hammer Bullets just to name a few… Please checkout our newest .44 Magnum offerings including our new Cutting Edge “Maximus” load specially formaulated for S&W hunting Revolvers…

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.44 Remington Magnum – (Standard Velocity and +P Offerings available) We pride ourselves in offering the most accuracy and power possible from this wonderful cartridge. The 44 Magnum is still one of the greatest handgun hunting cartridges in the World. When this round is paired with the best possible bullets, it becomes one of the best choices for big and dangerous Game.

210 Cutting Edge – Maximus: This load was created to give hunters a higher BC load option(s) for “handgun hunting.” This load is pinpoint accurate and extremely flat shooting. Perfect for Antelope, African plains Game and other medium to large animals in that (Mule deer) size category, especially at extended ranges.

240 Gr. Cutting Edge – Copper Solid: This is a fantastic solid copper load with spectacular penetration and superb accuracy.

240 Gr. Nosler – JHP: This is the perfect hunting or defensive bullet combination. Perfect for use on Deer, Hogs and Elk sized Game in states that require hollow point loads for handgun hunting.

265 Gr. HAWK – JSP: This is a longtime big Game hunting favorite. This bullet offers great accuracy and massive energy transfer. Perfect choice for bi Game such as moose and Elk at slightly extended ranges.

280 Gr. Hard Cast Alloy – LFN: Perfect all-around big Game load and bullet combo. This is a perfect Hard cast load for big critters such as Elk, Moose and Bears.

300 Gr. HAWK – JSP: This bullet was designed as a joint venture between our ballisticians and the incredible Hawk bullet team. This bullet has an extremely thick jacket for the deepest delayed expansion as possible. Designed to be used on the biggest Game animals.

405 Gr. Hard cast Alloy – LFN: This is the true ultimate “penetrator” bullet-load combo for the .44 Magnum. This load can only be shot in long cylinder 44’s such as the Redhawk, Super Redhawk and Colt Anaconda (just to name a few). This bullet has unbelievable sectional density and should only be uses on the biggest game animals at moderate ranges. Perfect for big Bears and Moose in very thick vegetation.

NOTE: The (+P+) listed in this section can ONLY be fired in the following Firearms – ABE Inc, Linebaugh, Clements, JRH, Bowen, Freedom Arms, Ruger, Dan Wesson, and TC.


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200 Gr. Impala – Brass CFN, 200 Gr. Impala – Brass CHP, 200 Gr, 205 Gr, 210 Gr (+P / High Vel.), 210 Gr (S&W High Vel. (+P) Load), 240 Gr CE-CS, 240 Gr Hawk, 240 Gr Nosler, 265 Gr – Hawk (+P), 280 Gr. Swift, 280 Gr, 300 Gr. Swift, 300 Gr, 300 Gr Hawk (Standard Vel.), 300 Gr Hawk(+P+), 300 Gr (Standard Vel.), 315 Gr (Standard Vel.), 315 Gr (+P+), 405 Gr

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.44 Remington Magnum


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