Mission Statement

A.B.E. specializes in manufacturing custom ammunition using only top quality new components. We also. proudly offers its customers the ultimate shooting experience, with four unique lines of handcrafted ammunition: Orange Label (Handgun Ammo), Black Label (Rifle Ammo), Threat Stop Series (Defensive Ammo), and Orion Series (Shotgun Ammo).

Clients will appreciate A.B.E.’s custom tailored loads whether partaking in an African safari, Alaska big game hunt or simply venturing into your local public lands in pursuit of big game.

A.B.E. integrates our extensive knowledge and experience in shooting, hunting and ammunition manufacturing to maximize performance and confidence.

“In addition to custom cartridges, A.B.E. offers custom firearm services resulting in a truly personalized product’s. Visit our gallery to view photos, learn more about our rifle & handgun combinations, and customization options available.

Our mission is to offer our clients the best ammunition available, superior gunsmith services, and rare custom built firearms. Be prepared to experience the best customer service in the industry. We call it the “Aria Experience”.