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Our .500 S&W Magnum packs a serious punch with velocities from an 8-inch barrel at sea level. (+P) and (+P+) loads are for experienced hunters and shooters only, as they generate intense power and recoil. Improper handling can lead to serious injury.

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.500 S&W MAGNUM – This cartridge is one of the most capable heavy Game busters ever fitted to a revolver platform. We have taken this cartridge to a whole new level and can firmly say we are “home to the world’s most powerful commercially made .500 S&W Magnum load.” This load is our (+P+) 515 Grain Hawk soft point offering. This load features a bullet designed by Hawk Bullets and our in-house ballistic team. This bullet features a spire style point for aerodynamics and penetration. The bullet also features the same jacket thickness that Hawk normally uses on their heaviest .577 & .600 Nitro Express bullets. All of this comes together with the finest components, including a heavy dose of our own powder blend. This bullet leaves a 6.5 inch barreled revolver at approx. 1,700 FPS.  This load was created for the biggest and nastiest critters on this planet! If this wasn’t what you had in mind, we understand. Take a look at the array of loads we have ranging from light for caliber bullets up to heavy moderate velocity offerings. You can also chamber our .500 Special loads in your Magnum for a slightly reduced recoiling but yet stout performing load(s).  (Standard, +P & +P+ offerings) All published load velocities with the exception of the 515 (+P+) are from a S&W 500 8 3/8 Inch barrel. The 515 Gr. Hawk JSP (+P+) is rated from a 6 1/2-inch barrel!

IMPALA BULLETS:  These Hollow Point & Flat Nose big Game bullets are made in South Africa to the highest quality standards. We worked together with Impala to perfect these designs. The hollow point versions are designed to create a true “hydrostatic” shockwave that increases wound channel as the projectile penetrates as deep as possible!

340 Gr. Cutting Edge – Raptor: This is a great bullet designed by the team at Cutting Edge. This bullet sheds its hollow point pedals leaving a huge wound channel and driving the remaining shank deep into the Game animal. Great for Game ranging in size from Hogs to Elk and beyond, an absolutely fantastic projectile. Many customers love this load for Bear defense!

450 Gr. HAWK – Soft Point: This is a spectacular bullet and load combo delivering massive energy on target. Perfect for big or dangerous Game animals.

460 Gr. Hard Cast Alloy – LFN (Heat Treated): Our team believe this load combo to be one of the best Hard cast loads for the 500 Magnum. It is flat shooting for its’ weight and absolutely devastating on big critters.

515 gr. HAWK – Spire Point: This bullet was designed as a joint venture between our ballistics team and Hawk Bullets. This projectile has a very thick jacket and is very slow to expand. This bullet is designed to penetrate like a Freight Train and crush the biggest bones depositing its slow expanding energy into the target. This is the perfect bullet for Cape buffalo, Water buffalo and the biggest and meanest Bears on this planet!


*Pistol Ballistics. Add 15% increase to velocity and energy for rifle use. If unsure, please contact us for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE(+P) & (+P+) Loads are for serious hunters and experienced shooters only / These loads create incredible power and severe recoil. Improper shooting abilities or general shooting inexperience may result in severe injuries!!!!


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290 Gr. Impala, 300 Gr. Impala, 325 Gr. Impala, 325 Gr. Swift, 340 Gr., 350 Gr. Hornady, 350 Gr. Hawk, 385 Gr., 385 Gr. (+P), 400 Gr., 400 Gr. (+P), 450 Gr. HAWK – Soft Point, 460 Gr. (Standard Vel.), 460 Gr. (+P), 515 Gr. (Standard Vel.), 515 Gr. (+P), 535 Gr. HC – SWC, 600 Gr. (Standard Vel.), 600 Gr. (+P), 700 Gr.

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.500 S&W Magnum


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